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02/17/18 at 16:54:19
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Evolution (Read 3577 times)
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Looking for new
places to get naked

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06/13/14 at 00:49:00
Right up front, I will tell you I'm a lithe, tallish guy Smiley so that if you should read this, you don't have the wrong gender in your head.
For the last year or so, I have gotten braver and braver about being naked in front of other people.  
For a decade, the extent of my experiences were limited to midnight (or later!) walks through my neighborhood, inspired by stories I had read here, at Literotica, ASSTR and ASN. Every once in a while I might have someone spot me fleetingly from afar, but nothing beyond the occasional moment of nervousness or panic as a car drove by someone turned a corner off in the distance. My walks got longer as the years went by, with me seeing how far I dared myself walk away from the safety of clothes, or experimenting with bondage, or cross-dressing as a way of heightening my arousal due to the potential of embarrassment. I've posted some of those stories at http://truthordare.friendslovesex.com/forum/, which were a huge turn on, knowing that others were reading about some of my little exploits. On Literotica, I had even posted pictures of myself, and even posted pictures of some of my naked dares...but always between me and the people who saw me was the ethereal barrier of the internet. I was there, naked outside, daring myself to do things, but always I was alone. I never had that definite, concrete knowledge that someone had seen me naked where I should not be.  
One girl I dated was into the Sensual Play scene in the city, and we went to some events together. Cuddle nights, sensual trance dance parties...once we even went to an Explorer event where we could watch a threesome upstairs in the attic. I never got too involved in those events, because I probably felt like I wasn't handsome or endowed enough, or that people would laugh at me or think I was stupid. But I always wondered what it would feel like to be that naked man crawling on his hands and knees behind some Dom, humiliated in front of a group of onlookers.  
So I satisfied myself with my midnight walks, the occasional close call, and the fantasies in my head.
All of that changed last year.  
Portland is quite a liberal town when it comes to nudity. As long as you are not physically aroused, the law pretty much turns a blind eye. We have naked bike rides, naked beaches near the city, naked clubs, a pretty healthy strip club industry, and even the occasional topless woman wandering through a park downtown just enjoying the sun. So as long as you aren't masturbating in front of someone, you are probably okay. But for me, even though the thought and feeling of being naked was so amazing, so arousing, I was so scared of being seen on one of my walks (and I'm pretty sure that's happened a couple times), that anything beyond sneaking around at night filled me with fear.  
Maybe it was that I got older. Maybe I just didn't care as much. Or maybe I was scared that if I didn't do it now I never would have the courage to--whatever it was, one spring Saturday I decided to drive to the local clothing optional beach and see what it was all about.
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Re: Evolution
Reply #1 - 06/14/14 at 04:01:41
AND . . .???????
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