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02/17/18 at 16:53:53
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HOW TO REGISTER (Read 187176 times)
nudeinsf admin
YaBB Administrator

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05/24/09 at 08:57:14
In an attempt to stop the spam, we are changing, for the time-being, how you register a new account with the message boards.
If you would like an account so you can post your own naked stories (and we hope you do!), please simply write an email to contact @ you-know-where . com, (of course "you-know-where" is really nudeinsf).  Tell us the username and password you would like to have, and we will make an account for you.
Hopefully if we do this for a few weeks, the spam losers will find some place else to go.  At any rate, as of this minute, no more spam!  Please write us to register, and keep posting those amazing stories!
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