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"Nude in San Francisco . . . is changing the meaning of 'exhibitionism.'" --Playboy

"I just love that they're unleashing gaggles of pretty *nekkid* girls on the streets of my beautiful wonderful city (San Francisco) and photographing the results, giving me two things I love in one sweet package." --Open Source Sex

"A decidedly sexy new Web site, Nude in San Francisco, is up, running (streaking?) and tempting the exhibitionistic females of San Francisco out into the Victorian-topped wilds for some decidedly adult (though non-explicit) fun and games. Nude in San Francisco has a lot going for it to set it apart from other public nude sites. . . . What surprised me is how enthusiastic . . . the women are."
--SF Gate

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"Best google map mashup!"

"Butt is it art?" --Dangerous Playthings

"Hot, sexy, wild, outrageous ... and best of all FUN. Highly recommended!" --Frequently Felt

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Welcome to! nudeinsf is an ongoing art project with the beautiful city of San Francisco as the backdrop. nudeinsf girls explore the streets of San Francisco completely naked, and we capture the results: the excitement and danger the girls experience, and the shocked, bemused, envious stares of the passersby.

These girls are fully nude and boldly walking around the beautiful city of San Francisco. See San Francisco as never before, and see the risk of public nudity as never before. We invite you to join them, to feel your own heart pound as they walk through crowds. Perhaps you are brave enough to join them for real?

"Le risque pour le risque" is our motto.

Other unique features:
Nude Map - Included is a fully interactive map that traces the streets and neighborhoods we've visited.

Message Boards - Visitors and members share their own amazing stories of risk-taking and being nude in public here. Please come by and share your own! New stories and new pictures have been posted

Contributions - Nude in San Francisco fans contribute their own nude in public pictures! See them here.

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